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Re: KCM examples?

Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars@oddbit.com> writes:

> Does anyone have some examples of configuring and using KCM?

On GNU/Linux, you can test it with something like:

  $ sudo /usr/heimdal/libexec/kcm --detach
  $ export KRB5CCNAME=KCM:`id -u` 
  $ kinit
  $ klist
and klist shows:

  Credentials cache: KCM:...

I thought it was working for me on Solaris pre-release, but I get a
broken pipe error when I try it now.

> I haven't been able to get it to work.  With KRB5CCNAME set to
> KCM:$UID, programs are obviously connecting to KCM, but always end
> up with an error:
>   Credentials cache I/O operation failed XXX

That's symptomatic of not connecting (successfully), isn't it?

[Configuring with --enable-kcm only works on some systems, and doesn't
warn you if the system doesn't support one of the mechanisms it
requires.  I promised to contribute configury in that area but never
finished it; perhaps I should...]