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Re: Processing keytab in memory

What do you meant by keys?  Do you mean just the encryption
key, or other associated info like kvo, algorithm type, and all
the names.  Is there a data structure for storing all these info
into database?

Right now as soon as I import the keytab file I write it to
the approate location for configuration purposes, but I
store it into database for purposes of backup because
our system backs up database automatically but not files.
If there is a database API where you can feed all
relevant pieces of info into Heimdal when it initializes
the key table, I'll like to know.

Or if there is any other suggestion, I like to learn about
that as well.


On 11/9/05, Matthew N. Andrews <matt@slackers.net> wrote:
Is there any reason why you are storing keytabs in you database instead
of keys?


T C wrote:
> Hi,
> I have read in a keytab file and store the content as a blob in
> database.  Later when I
> try to process it I don't see how to do that in memory.  There is a
> keytab_memory file
> but it doesn't seem to take a keytab content blob anywhere.
> All I can find is to read the contents directly from file into the
> cursor thru fkt_start_seq_get_int.
> Is that true?  Is there any other lower level interface that doesn't
> need to go thru file
> system?
> Thanks,
> Terry