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Re: Processing keytab in memory

On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 14:54 -0800, T C wrote:
> Love,
> This sounds like a good solution to my current problem.  Does this
> mean I will likely store the whole base64 text in the database?  In
> any case, this would prevent writing to file in order to build the key
> table, and thus it would be a great improvement.  
> I have also encountered a different but related problem.  If I store
> the whole keytab in database,  since our field size maybe limited,
> this means to manually divide the keytab into chunks.  I wonder if
> there is a way to store key values into separate fields in database,
> and later fill back a krb5_keytab_entry, and reconstruct the keytab?
> Maybe this functionality already exists?  Or maybe something for the
> future?

If you want to pull things apart to this level, then I would suggest
simply enumerating the keytab, and extracting the entries with the
existing functions.

Why can't you store an arbitary BLOB in your database?

Andrew Bartlett

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