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Re: krb5-config and static vs shared

> > What are pkg-config .pc files? Does heimdal come with any? Does it
> > need to come with any?
> They are similar to *-config, just wrapped up in the same program
> (pkg-config). I thought about adding it, but it never happened --
> should be easy though.
> The problem with shared libraries is that there's really no way to
> know how they work on a given system. Libtool tries to hide this,
> with
> varying success. In this case, are shared library dependencies
> supported or not?

Yes. Shared library dependancies are supported.

All you need is -lkrb5 on the command line, and libtool should do the  
right thing.

Sometimes libtool includes libraries it doesn't need to, but this is a  
libtool issue, not a Heimdal issue (I believe the Debian libtool has  
fixed this anyway).
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>