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Good day!

In my krb5.conf I have the following lines:

        policies = external-check builtin:minimum-length
        external_program = /usr/local/heimdal-0.7.1/bin/check-cracklib.pl
        min_length = 10
        min_classes = 4

When I verify the config, I got:

# verify_krb5_conf
verify_krb5_conf: /password_quality/min_length: unknown or wrong type
verify_krb5_conf: /password_quality/min_classes: unknown or wrong type

Do you know if the settings above will work?
What I want are:
1. password should be not less than 10 characters
2. must contain upper,lower,number,special characters.
3. password cannot be any word found in the dictionary.

Would you mind pasting your  entire [password_quality]! section here: )


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