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Re: move kadmin from sbin to bin


On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 03:55:55PM +0100, Johan Danielsson wrote:

> We've received a request to move kadmin from sbin to bin. One
> argument(*) for this is systems (mostly linux) that configure with
> prefix set to /usr. On such systems, kadmin may not correspond to
> what's supposed to be in /usr/sbin. One other agument is that kadmin
> is a commonly used tool, and having it in bin might make sense.

Commonly used by whom? If commonly used by regular users, then it should
go to /usr/bin. If it used only by administrators, then it should remain
in /usr/sbin (and those administrators should be educated to set their

> Another related question is what to do with the other programs in
> sbin. I think thet are kstash, ktutil and *_log. If we decide to move
> kadmin, ktutil should also move, and probably also kstash, don't know
> what to do with *_log.

Do normal (non-administrator) users regularly create keytabs with
ktutil? If not, it should remain in /usr/sbin. kstash and *_log should
definitely be in /usr/sbin and not in /usr/bin.

Placing programs in /usr/bin that are not generally useful for
non-administrator users is not a good idea, since it increases the size
of /usr/bin (and there are still file systems that do linear search on
file name lookup), and decreases the usability of tab completion.

Just my 0.02.


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