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Re: kadmind.acl failed after transferring principals to openldap


i've been checking my old installations where I had this problem and the
error messages are as you described it.
Seems to be 2 Problems - one "simple" (and the major one)  was  that
kadmind was not able to verify the user because it did'nt find the
kadmin.acl file.
The other one (ldapsearch *no such object* ) .. -> check your sasl-regexp.

- can you do kadmin -l ?
- did you check the localmessages from your ldap server ?
- are the sasl-regexp correct ?

Here is what I have as sasl-regexp, than the error message (no such object)
should disappear.

sasl-regexp "uidNumber=0\\\+gidNumber=.*,cn=peercred,cn=external,cn=auth"

But as mentioned above, for this you have to check the localmessages .
(loglevel - sasl debug)


             jay alvarez                                                   
             o.com>                                                     To 
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             01/09/2006 01:32          Re: kadmind.acl failed after        
             AM                        transferring principals to openldap 

Hi Marco,

Marco Hoehle <MHO@zurich.ibm.com> wrote:
 So set
 database = {
 acl_file = /var/heimdal/kadmin.acl
 m_key = bla
 dbname = ldap:bla ...

 and check if it is working than.


I have this section in my krb5.conf (not kdc.conf??)

        database = {
        acl_file = /var/heimdal/kadmind.acl
        mkey_file = /var/heimdal/m-key
        dbname  = ldap:ou=krb5accounts,dc=our,dc=domain,dc=com
        require-preauth = true
        allow-anonymous = false
#       enable-http = false
        check-ticket-addresses = true
        allow-null-ticket-addresses = false
        allow-anonymous = false
        kdc_warn_pwexpire = 7 days
        logging = SYSLOG

I then restarted kdc and slapd processes and still it doesn't seem to
recognize my kadmind.acl. On kdc logs I can see these last 4 lines:

Jan  9 08:25:31 ldap kadmind[35519]: jay@OUR.REALM: LIST *
Jan  9 08:25:31 ldap kadmind[35519]: LIST: ldap_search_s: No such object
Jan  9 08:25:31 ldap kadmind[35519]: jay@OUR.REAL: GET *@OUR.REALM
Jan  9 08:25:31 ldap kadmind[35519]: GET: Operation requires `get'

Does the error has something to do with the second line "No such object"??
Any! more idea?


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