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Re: Is it safe to just do another source-install over an existinginstallation??

--On den 8 januari 2006 22.32.51 -0800 jay alvarez <kerber0sb0y@yahoo.com>

>  Hi,
>  It seems like maintenance versions are constantly being released.
>  Quick question. 
>  Is it safe to just do another ./configure && make && make install over
> an existing installation without breaking anything?  Just how does one
> upgrade an existing source installation into a newer version release?  

If you are talking about minor releases like going from 0.6.4 to 0.6.5,
sure, just install over. That is what I do, and it has not given me
problems. I usually keep the old config.log around just to make sure I have
a reasonable set of parameters to ./configure (the --enable-static
--enable-shared stuff on OS X for instance, although I believe that one has
been fixed.) For my clients, I usually build the native package (like sun
pkg) on one machine, test it and then upgrade the others.  When I upgrade
the kdc'en I usually back databases and binaries up, just to be able to
revert quickly. 
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