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Re: still can't authenticate using krb5-telnet to cisco 7206

Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk> writes:

> However, have you tried MIT Kerberized telnet?  It _might_ be the same
> sort of problem as with the Solaris telnetd.  Apparently that won't
> accept the md4 encryption type that Heimdal insists on using.  (I
> haven't verified that that's really the cause, but the server
> definitely rejects the Heimdal client (or dumps core with it) when the
> MIT one works.)

MD4 was (IIRC) implemented differently in MIT (maybe still is), and I
think the code Cisco uses is really old.

I haven't tried against a Cisco since I wrote the chapter in the
manual, and if there's anything that's incorrect or unclear we'd love
to hear about it.