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How to Reset ipropd

I'm seeing a lot more flakiness in iprop for 0.7.2 than I saw in  
0.6.3.  It's possible that I'm causing some of the problems myself,  
but I'd like to compare notes.

Specifically I'm seeing situations where iprop is running, but the  
slave db is "frozen" and doesn't update.  I used to work around these  
by deleting the db and log files on the slave and restarting.  This  
has the effect of re-downloading the database from the master and  
everything is fine for a few months.

Now with 0.7.2 it sometimes works, but I seem to get into the problem  
mode rather quickly.  I have a slave where ipropd simply creates a  
zero-length log file and "hangs" doing nothing visible.  No log  
messages except an AS-REQ log entry.  And it does this after I  
deleted the log files for both the master and the slave.

Workarounds anyone?  I can't deploy 0.7.2 until I get iprop to work.
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