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Re: How to Reset ipropd

On Mar 7, 2006, at 2:24 PM, Björn Sandell wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Mar 2006 09:07:31 -0800
> "Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
>> I'm seeing a lot more flakiness in iprop for 0.7.2 than I saw in
>> 0.6.3.  It's possible that I'm causing some of the problems myself,
>> but I'd like to compare notes.
>> Specifically I'm seeing situations where iprop is running, but the
>> slave db is "frozen" and doesn't update.
> We're running 0.6.3 and I have never seen that particular failure  
> mode.
> It happens that a slave crashes or just hangs though. In our test
> setup were presently running 0.7.1 master and 0.7.2 client and iprop
> seem much more stable there (there's a lot less load on the test setup
> though :). All this on redhat AS 3.1 and heimdal was configured with
> '--disable-berkeley-db'.

In production there's a firewall that gets in the way sometimes.   
I've wound up with multi-gigabyte log files due to some third-order  
fallout from that.  I don't blame iprod for all of those probelms.

That doesn't apply in my test environment though.  I'm doing a  
scripted upgrade from 0.6.3 which deletes the log files on both  
master and slave(s).  Everything seems stable for a while.  Then  
something happens (sometimes my fault) and it just can't/won't resync.

Anyone have an opinion on deleting the "generation" field as part of  
the dump/reload?

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