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Re: ./configure --with-openldap not working

natxete@asenjo.nl (Natxo Asenjo) writes:

> hi,
> while trying to build the latest heimdal-kdc I notice that it does not
> find the installed openldap.
> #  ./configure --with-openldap --prefix=/usr/local
> I see that it it sees openldap no in the terminal, but I go on and make
> it.
> # make
> # make install
> everything works fine but when I do a ./kdc builtin-hdb I just get
> builtin hdb backends:
> This is running a stock debian sarge slapd (2.2.23)
> Any tips as to what path I should give to --with-openldap= ?

You need to look in config.log too see why the autoconf test failes.


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