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updating mechglue-branch


I suppose Luke is the best person to ask this question but I'll post it
to the list.

I want to merge mechglue-branch and the latest code from cvs. Can someone
recommend a strategy for doing that?

Currently if I just move the mechglue, spnego, and gssapi directories
from mechglue-branch into heimdal current and do a diff excluding
anything unrelated to mechglue the result is only 341 lines of build
script stuff. So even though my autowhatever knowledge is a bit wonky
this looks like something I can do.

I'm wondering about the gssapi directory though. I suspect there are good
fixes in current gssapi and mechglue-branch gssapi. Which one should I
start with or favor? I'm leaning toward starting with mechglue-branch
so I don't have to disambiguate the spnego stuff.

For the spnego directory I think it's clear that I will need to start
with the mechglue-branch version and then move over anything that really
looks like a positive update.

Any other tips or tricks to get a good merge? Any sticky points to watch
out for?

Also, what is the plan for mechglue-branch? Is that still in the cards?


Michael B Allen
PHP Extension for SSO w/ Windows Group Authorization