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Re: updating mechglue-branch

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006 16:34:37 +1000
Luke Howard <lukeh@PADL.COM> wrote:

> >I'm wondering about the gssapi directory though. I suspect there are good
> >fixes in current gssapi and mechglue-branch gssapi. Which one should I
> >start with or favor? I'm leaning toward starting with mechglue-branch
> >so I don't have to disambiguate the spnego stuff.
> IIRC when I committed the mechglue branch the gssapi directory was in sync
> with HEAD, just the SPNEGO stuff was removed.
> >For the spnego directory I think it's clear that I will need to start
> >with the mechglue-branch version and then move over anything that really
> >looks like a positive update.
> SPNEGO in mechglue was mostly reimplemented from the current RFC, I'm not
> sure what the status is for HEAD.

Well that wasn't too bad. I took the latest CVS and copied over
mechglue-branch's mechglue and spnego directories. Then I used WebCVS
to look at history and manually tweeked each file (mostly in gssapi).


I think I can produce a clean patch for any version on demand if you
think that would help.


Michael B Allen
PHP Extension for SSO w/ Windows Group Authorization