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[patch] merge mechglue-branch into HEAD


The following patch updates the latest HEAD (as of about 5 hours ago)
with the significant parts of mechglue-branch.


However, here are a few notes:

1) The code has not been tested thoroughly given the scope of what it
is meant to do. In particular I have not tested it's use with third
party mechglue mechanisms. In fact, it occurs to me now that I've only
used libmech_spnego with my static linking hack (posted previously)
so I can't claim to have tested dynamically loading at all.

Of course I have done some basic testing (e.g. ran heimdal ftp against
heimdal ftpd) and my slightly older but equivalent patch works well in
my application. That application exercises a variety of GSSAPI usage
including delegation, supplying a credential to accept_sec_context and
so on.

2) Even though I'm not terribly adept with CVS, it occurs to me that you
might take advantage of the fact that lines 4975 to 18439 simply create
the lib/mechglue and lib/spnego directories in whole. Perhaps you could
remove those lines and instead promote those directories from CVS?

3) The build is not optimal. For some reason the spnego directory
is rebuilt regardless of whether or not it's contents have been
modified. It looks like running 'make install' also triggers something
to be compiled. I'm still shakey with auto tools so I punted.

4) Again, shamlessly hinding behind my ignorance of autoconf, I did not
add the necessary instructions to install the mech.conf in /etc.

5) This patch contains only the necessary changes to merge mechglue into
HEAD. I have other changes that I have applied in my own version but I
will present those at a later time so as not to confuse issues.

Let me know if you run into any problems.


Michael B Allen
PHP Extension for SSO w/ Windows Group Authorization