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Re: [patch] merge mechglue-branch into HEAD

>1) The code has not been tested thoroughly given the scope of what it
>is meant to do. In particular I have not tested it's use with third
>party mechglue mechanisms. In fact, it occurs to me now that I've only
>used libmech_spnego with my static linking hack (posted previously)
>so I can't claim to have tested dynamically loading at all.

I used Martin Rex's gsstest to test the mechglue.

>3) The build is not optimal. For some reason the spnego directory
>is rebuilt regardless of whether or not it's contents have been
>modified. It looks like running 'make install' also triggers something
>to be compiled. I'm still shakey with auto tools so I punted.

Yeah, I never figured this one out -- had the same problem with all
the libraries that compiled ASN.1 files so hid behind my ignorance
of autoconf :-)


-- Luke