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Password expiration patch


I have been working on a patch to allow for "pluggable" modules to be 
loaded into kadmin (much the same way the password quality checks are 
done) to allow for variable password lifetimes (rather than just reading a 
static value from the config files). The patch still has the same 
functionality (use config file value) if the modules are unconfigured, but 
could be used to do just about anything (we have a module which queries 
LDAP for an attribute, so that faculty/staff/students/systems people have 
different expirations).

Would such a patch be accepted into Heimdal, and if so, where should I 
send it?


Eric Sturdivant
University of Maryland
Office of Information Technology
Distributed Computing Services
(301) 405-8473
<sturdiva AT umd DOT edu>