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Business Security for Managers; Elysium Resort, Paphos; 14th-16th November 2006



Elysium Resort, Paphos; 14th - 16th November 2006


We are pleased to provide information below about our upcoming workshop 'Business Security for Managers' being conducted at the Elysium Resort (www.elysium.com.cy ) in Paphos on 14th - 16th November 2006.


A link for the following event in 2006 is also provided at the end of this message:

  • Security Technology - Information Warfare & Computer Forensics (Muscat)  

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This fast-paced three-day introduction to security management was developed initially in response to a specific requirement from the oil & gas sector and is aimed at any manager with local responsibility for security.


The workshop's broad content makes it of clear benefit to delegates from other sectors operating in environments with similar risks.


Security of assets and operations from external, and internal, sources of loss is an essential element of any business. Not all businesses, however, can afford the luxury of a full-time security manager.  In many cases responsibility for security rests with a line manager, or is an additional responsibility for health and safety, facilities or general services managers. 


The Business Security for Managers (BSM) workshop has been specially designed to provide non-fulltime managers of security with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to manage the day-to-day security of business units.


Developed in partnership with a major ARC client, hundreds of delegates of many nationalities have attended BSM workshops in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.





      Duration:      Three Days, 14th - 16th November 2006, 8:30am - 5:00pm;

      Fees:            CYP  595 (includes course materials, lunch & breaks at the venue)

      Presenter:    David Cresswell, ARC Training International;

      Venue:         Elysium Resort, Paphos.





        Introduction to Risk Management Philosophy

        The Essential Elements of a Security System

        The Principles of Security Design & Asset Protection

        An Introduction to the Security Survey

        Physical Security, Electronic Security

        Security Manning

        Policies & Procedures

        Information Theft & Countermeasures

        IT Security


        An Introduction to Investigation

        Protection of Scenes of Crime

        Protection of Personnel

        Crisis Management

Introduction to Risk Management Philosophy Identifying valuable corporate assets, threats and threat sources, delegate presentations on local risks, using a risk analysis model, risk treatment options

The Essential Elements of a Security System A short session to identify the four elements of a security system, and the role that each performs in isolation and in association

The Principles of Security Design & Asset Protection This session will introduce 15 important principles of security design with examples. 

An Introduction to the Security Survey A short, theoretical, session which guides delegates through the main stages of conducting a security survey

Physical & Electronic Short sessions focusing on the delay effect of good physical barriers, the role that electronic systems have in monitoring space, controlling access and signaling intrusions

Security Manning & Procedures A workshop session for the exchange of problems and solutions pertaining to these difficult areas

Information Theft & Countermeasures Employee espionage, 3rd party intercept of communications, bugging, measures to better protect information

IT Security  IT vulnerabilities & threats, IT dependency, IT risk reduction, case studies

Fraud  White-collar fraud, blue-collar fraud, fraud precursors & signals

An Introduction to Investigation This compact session will address the main points to be borne in mind when conducting an internal investigation into suspected crime

Protection of Scenes of Crime This is a practical session in which delegates will visit a specially created scene of crime and take all the steps necessary to preserve the evidence contained therein

Protection of Personnel Delegates will be asked prepare a country risk briefing for a foreign country of their choice.  During this session they will deliver their advice to a "senior executive" in the form of an interactive role-play.  The session will be followed by formal instruction on this subject 

Crisis Management Defining a crisis, crisis management structures & principles, the role of security staff, crisis management exercise.


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Day 1


Introduction, Administration and Aims


Delegate Introductions


Introduction to Security Risk Management

Coffee Break


Regional and Local Security Risks


Security Risk Analysis


Security Risk Treatment



The Security System (Physical, Electronic and Manpower)

Coffee Break


Typical Security Problem Case Studies

Day 2


Day 1 Review


Information Security and Industrial Espionage

Coffee Break


IT (Computer) Security Overview



Fraud Overview and Case Studies

Coffee Break


Scene of Crime Preservation


Investigation Exercise

Day 3


Protection of Personnel - Basic Principles


Protection of Personnel - Group Exercise

Coffee Break


Crisis Management - General Principles


Crisis Management - Group Exercise



Protection against Explosive Devices Overview

Certificate Presentation and Coffee





ARC Training is the UK's foremost international provider of security management training and is part of ARC Risk Management Ltd, a global provider of security consultancy and crisis response services.


ARC has conducted programmes extensively throughout the Middle East and the former Soviet Union delivering security management and specialist security courses to an impressive range of commercial, government and military audiences, and has conducted on-site training of security officers and supervisors in Arabic for GPIC, Banagas and Garmco (Bahrain), Equate Petrochemicals (Kuwait), RasGas (Qatar), Aramco (Saudi Arabia), ADCO (UAE), Dubai Ports Authority, Gulf Air, Emirates Airlines, Saudia Airlines, Kuwait Airlines and Al-Bustan Palace Hotel (Sultanate of Oman). 


ARC Training was created in 2000, following a reorganisation of security management training services in the UK and, since that time, has trained delegates from more than 30 different countries.  Many of these delegates, representing sectors as diverse as retail, oil and gas, heavy industry, banking, finance, tobacco, shipping, pharmaceuticals, leisure and government, have attended programmes at ARC's Training Centre in the south of England.


In addition to the organisations mentioned ARC Training's world-wide client base includes BP, Shell, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, European Space Agency, Nokia, Vodafone, BBC, Inland Revenue, Nigerian Central Bank, Nigerian State Security Service, HSBC Bank, London Electricity, Kuwait Oil Company, Qatar Gas, Emirates Airlines, the Panama Canal Authority and the international accountancy group PricewaterhouseCoopers.





David Cresswell

David's career as a security expert spans 25 years. Much of this time was spent working for the British Government in the areas of strategic site protection, the protection of key facilities against terrorism and in information security countermeasures.


David moved from operational duties to training in 1996, when he was appointed Group 4 Securitas Training's specialist security training consultant for the Middle East and former Soviet Union.


Following a reorganisation of security management training services in the UK in 2000, David was appointed Manager of ARC Training, now widely recognised as the UK's leading international provider of security management training.


Fluent in both Arabic and Russian, David regularly conducts security management training for some of the largest companies in the world, either on site or at the ARC Training Centre in the United Kingdom .


He has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East and the former Soviet Union delivering security management and specialist security workshops to an impressive range of commercial, government and military audiences, and has conducted on-site training of security officers and supervisors in Arabic for GPIC, Banagas and Garmco (Bahrain), Equate Petrochemicals (Kuwait), RasGas (Qatar), Aramco (Saudi Arabia), ADCO (UAE), Dubai Ports Authority, Gulf Air, Emirates Airlines, Saudia Airlines, Kuwait Airlines, Royal Oman Police, Intercontinental Hotels, Gulf Region including the Al-Bustan Palace Hotel (Sultanate of Oman).



Other events in 2006:





Grand Hyatt Muscat, 26th - 29th November 2006 


Computers and other digital electronic equipment are increasingly being used in the commission of modern crimes, with criminals often using sophisticated measures to hide evidence.  With computer systems and networks now controlling highly critical infrastructure it is essential that information is protected and mechanisms are in place to prevent, detect and investigate potential security breaches.


The primary objective of the workshop is to provide those wishing to understand cryptographic techniques, starting work in the forensic area, and those tasked with protecting the critical infrastructure with a detailed understanding of the field of security technology. The course will also provide experienced analysts with up to date information on forensic techniques and technologies.  It is designed to provide a detailed insight into how networks and critical infrastructures are attacked, how data is protected through the use of advanced cryptography, and the use of forensic techniques to investigate crime.




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