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Romanian PHP & .NET Software Outsourcing

HQSoftware Consulting - Bucharest

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Attn: Marketing Department
Ref.: Romanian PHP & .NET Software Outsourcing

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                      Dear customer,

Please be so kind and review our PHP & .NET Software 
Outsourcing offer below:

                  Brief Export Proposal

Our area of interest is PHP & .NET Software Outsourcing 
Servicies at flexible prices.

The capabilities and references listed below show the advantages
obtained by the many companies we worked for.

We would like you to send us your specific inquiry/offering demand.

This will give us the chance to prove our efficiency.

We would like to introduce our company, HQSoftware Consulting,
as a reliable and professional partner for your
offshore software development strategy.

Based in Bucharest, Romania, we offer flexible
sourcing options, excellent software engineering
skills and fully transparent development processes.

We present our clients a clear path toward increasing
the quality of software products, gain better focus on
the core business processes and not on their supporting
infrastructure, achieve significant and measurable
cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Our services area includes:
1  Custom application development;
2  Remote software development team;
3  Support and maintenance options for existing software solutions;
4  Application migration and re-engineering for improving
   the performance, security, scalability and maintainability
   of existing software packages;
5  Access to consultants with specialized technical skills;
6  Web applications development and migration of desktop
   based software packages toward a web strategy;
7  Application integration and services based architectures;
8  Open source based development and customization;
9  Software testing;
10 Consulting services in software architecture,
   database design and tuning, project management
   and software portfolio management areas.

We have a proven success track in developing enterprise class
applications based on Visual Studio .NET, older releases of
Visual Studio, ASP, PHP, C/C++ and Microsoft SQL Server,
Oracle, DB2 and MySQL database servers (Windows,
UNIX and Linux operating systems).

We have extensive expertise in developing enterprise class
applications with agile, service based, architectural designs
that allow achieving unparalleled scalability and reliability levels.

Our code is well commented and clearly written;
it follows object oriented pattern, thus being
easy and inexpensive to maintain and change.

We look forward to working together soon and
please do not hesitate to contact us
in case you have any further inquiries!

We'd appreciate your feed-back containing detailed contact coordinates:
company name, address, phone and fax numbers, contact person, web-site.

        Our Area of Interest: PHP & .NET Software Outsourcing
We wish to express our availability to work under the client's brand.

Please don't hesitate to send us your specific inquiry/offering demand.

 We'll be happy to provide you the most effective prices in the field.

    Thanking you for your time and looking forward to your reply,
                      we wish you all the best.

HQSoftware Consulting Staff