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Re: The state of the heimdal project

Actually I have wondered from time to time why people don't use Heimdal
MORE. Heimdal seems simpler and cleaner than MIT (don't known about shishi
but I can't use it because of the license). The build is relatively simple
[1] and the code is good. The design is good (this is by far the most
important trait IMO). It has SPNEGO, PKINIT, and it seems like it has all
the usual stuff one would expect. Is it missing something important? I have
assumed that because I basically only use it for GSSAPI that I'm simply
not aware of it's shortcomings. But all of the problems observed by Harald seem
like they would be easily resolved if Heimdal had greater market share
as that would attract two or three other good trusted developers that
would fix problems like this easily.

Or is Love a benevolent dictiator like Linus? If so, that is great
as I much prefer that model but I admit it is problematic if he isn't
committed full time.


[1] Actually I think auto tools are pure unadultrated instanity but
currently it seems to be a generally accepted practice.