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Re: Running kdc as unprivileged user

7 nov 2006 kl. 13.10 skrev Jacob Yocom-Piatt:

> the port being privileged is not too big a problem, but you would  
> likely have to
> code the privilege dropping behavior. an example that immediately  
> comes to mind
> is chroot-ed apache.
> are there any good arguments against chroot-ing heimdal? it does  
> not run
> chroot-ed by default on openbsd.

What the point of chroot and still give the kdc process access to all  
the users keys ?

If you want to protect the machine chroot/ch-uid makes sense, if you  
are talking about
more layers to protect your long term keys.

To do the later, you need to split the kdc it at least two part. If  
this is done,
the backend/priv'ed should also do the database handing to avoid all the
funny database corruption that happen with berkley db wether you do  
locking or not.
Also iprop and last-login, failed login should be pushed into this