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Re: Heimdal wiki

It would be better to jump straight to using Trac - http://trac.edgewall.org/It provides wiki, issue tracking (is there any bug-tracker at all forheimdal?) together with Subversion integration.
Who is in charge for website administration?
2006/11/15, Donald Norwood <dnorwood@portalias.net>:> If this idea is still active I will certainly contribute towards it.>> Love Hörnquist Åstrand wrote:> > Hello Hai,> >> >> I'm using heimdal kerberos for only about a month and I already have a> >> lot of info about various problems I've run into and spent hours or> >> even days to find out the solutions. I and want to share my> >> experience, tips and tricks I've come with, etc., with other people> >> in order to make our live easier. I hope many of you feel the same> >> way.> >>> >> On order to achieve this, I'm purposing to setup a wiki engine on> >> heimdal site. This will provide a quick way to create live, up-to-day> >> heimdal-specific FAQ, mini-howtos, case-studies, etc.> >>> >> I'm sure this will make Heimdal project more attractive to new users> >> and enrich heimdal users comunity.> >> > I think this is an excellent idea and a complement to the> > documentation that> > already exists today. I would perfer that!
 you told us what your> > problem where> > so we can improve the documentation and program to make it easier to use.> >> > wikis are fine, but I want have program that works.> >> > I'll make sure a wiki is setup, but that will be after vacation and> > ietf (3 weeks).> >> > Love> >> >> >> >> >>>

-- Zaar