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Re: Running kdc as unprivileged user

--On måndag, måndag 6 nov 2006 23.36.56 -0800 Yury Arkady Sobolev
<yury@OCF.Berkeley.EDU> wrote:

> Can the Kerberos daemons (kdc, kadmin) be run as an unprivileged user? I
> do not see why not, but I have not found anyone doing this.

I see two ways to get around the port binding issue without coding:

* Use an operating system with enhanced privilege granularity, like Solaris
10, and give appropriate permissions to the user, like "net_privaddr" in
the S10 example. 

* Tell the kdc to listen on an unprivileged port, and point your clients to
it with proper SRV records: 

_kerberos._udp.namn.se 	3600 SRV 10 10 4711 unprivkdc.namn.se.

Both methods have issues; do you want the kdc on Sol10, and can your
clients find the kdc through DNS? 

Having written so much, I do not find running the kdc as root is a very big
issue.  The kdc must be secure beyond comprehension anyways... 

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