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No Subject

I need your services in a confidential matter 
regarding consignment out of a family beneficiary deposit. This 
requires a private arrangement.You will receive these funds under legal 
claims; all legal documents will be carefully worked out to ensure a 
risky free transfer. I am willing to pay a generous management fee as 
well as appreciation as soon as this transaction is ompleted. 

have all the details. All correspondences will be via email, for now. 
The funds in question are quite large. I will expect a straight answer 
from you. Yes or no. If yes, Kindly furnish me with your personal 
information which must includ your direct cell phone and fax number, 
your address and company name, then lets work out the modalities .E-
mail me as soon as you receive this proposal to enable me acknowledge 
the reciept of your email and inform you of what you need to do.

bless you. 
Dr. Tony Eze Eke