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Re: Using GSSAPI with specific providers

On Friday 08 December 2006 18:48, Henry B. Hotz wrote:
> If you google "altman sspi gssapi sample" you can find references to
> example code for how to use SSPI and GSSAPI in a compatible way.
> SPNEGO is a supported mechanism for most current GSSAPI
> implementations (including the ones in the MIT and Heimdal
> implementations).

I looked at that code, but it's not exactly what I was looking for. I admit 
that I haven't really tried to wrap my head around the example code.

> I'm not sure how much of a subset the current GSSAPI implementations
> are.  The one area I know to worry about is the ability to auto-
> negotiate from GSSAPI/SPNEGO/krb5 to GSSAPI/SPNEGO/NTLMv2 if needed.

Well, that's what I would like to implement in the long run, but currently I'd 
just try for SPNEGO/krb5.

My idea was trying to write an as thin as possible wrapper from SSPI to GSSAPI 
to not reinvent the wheel on that one. I'll detail this a little more in a 
later post.

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