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Subject alternative name

Hi group,

    i have some questions:

my certification autority produces certificates where the field

X509v3 Subject Alternative Name:

has value like: "email:name.surname@domain"

where the string domain is in lower case letters.

But the certificates for the client pkinit wants have a value like 
"principal@DOMAIN" where DOMAIN is in uppercase letters, and all the 
string is DER encoded?

1) Is it correct ?
2) Can i modify heimdal code to cancel DER deconding from certificates, 
so to read this field in plain text?
3) if it is possibible, what are the implications ?
4) I proved to compile the last snapshots to prove the tool hxtool to 
read Subject Alternative Name field non supported by last version of 
openssl, but the  make command  gives me  many compiling  errors.  Is 
there anyone can give me this tool compiled ?