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Determine if gss_cred_id_t will trigger SPNEGO?

Currently the delegated gss_cred_id_t returned by gss_accept_sec_context
is used with gss_init_sec_context and the authentication used SPNEGO
then gss_init_sec_context will also use SPNEGO.

My problem is that I need to determine if the credential will trigger
mech SPNEGO or Krb5 so that I can perform alternative SASL binds (GSSAPI
vs GSS-SPNEGO). But currently gss_inquire_{context,cred} always returns
the underlying mech (e.g. Krb5 even when SPNEGO is used).

So how can I tell if SPNEGO will be used?

As it is I'm thinking I need to kludge something into ret_flags.


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SSO