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She was actively participating as she rode him and that added some nice heat to the scene in my eyes.

She's a lovely, very young looking woman with an athletic body and small natural tits. The final extra on the second disc was the trailer for the movie; a very well edited piece of work that conveys the sense of absurd the movie was trying for.
The show started out with a short striptease lasting around 3 minutes, moving to a section of equally short stories about her past, before the controllable action started. The scene ends with an oral cumshot which Gwen gargles and then promptly swallows as she says "Delicious. In a last ditch effort to save her butt, the fine little hooker, played by Mya Diamond offers to fuck her captor for her freedom.
The scene then reverted to all three ladies on the roof wearing skimpy outfits that really showed off their assets.
After both ladies take care of the men orally, Monica takes it up the ass from Omar before he gives a taste to Michelle. The toy work was also exceptional and the scene became a highlight for me to appreciate repeatedly.
The scene ends with her pretty little face covered in demon seed. The killer clown is coming for YOU! In some ways, it almost seemed like a contest between the two couples as they sucked and vaginally fucked, swapping partners midway through the scene. There was then a short animated bit based on the internet creation Betty Bangs called Stormy Bangs Betty with a making of feature for it. If you like older, curvier women that like to fuck, you're going to get off on this one repeatedly. They petted and she gave a remarkably advanced blowjob considering the lack of quality porn available back then, even using the patented Stormy Daniels corkscrew hand action I like so much.
She's brings in breakfast in bed to her male lover, dressed in a super hot little skirt. Order "Jack's Leg Show" from AdultDVDEmpire.
The third disc of extras didn't use a lot of filler material either.
Also, viewing this on my computer I noticed that throughout the entire length of the movie there is a very minute flickering line on the top of the screen that persists for the length of the film.
1 Dolby Digital Surround English track from the original.