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Re: Heimdal and nfs-utils

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Hi Kevin, and thank you for your answer.

Kevin Coffman wrote:
> I have made an effort to make nfs-utils work with Heimdal.  Love has
> made an effort to support functions we need in order to get "legal"
> access to context information.

Thank you both for your efforts as well.

> I have tested nfs-utils with recent release candidates of 0.8 which
> provides the functions mentioned above to give us "legal" access to
> context information which we need to pass down to the kernel.

Oh, there are release candidates? Now I know what to search for, I found
them: ftp://ftp.pdc.kth.se/pub/heimdal/src/snapshots/
I guess I'll try creating a Gentoo ebuild for 0.8-rc7 so we can
experiment with that.

> In theory, any multi-mechanism libgssapi should work.  I haven't
> actually tried to use Heimdal's version directly.  The MIT version
> currently does not support the use of mechanisms not built within
> their source tree.  (Dynamically loading external mechanisms is not
> supported.)  We need this support to use our SPKM3 mechanism.  Our
> libgssapi can use the heimdal libgssapi as one of the mechanisms that
> we load.

So what did you do, rename your heimdal libgssapi.so? Or simply drop the
unversioned symlink from heimdal and refer only to the versioned file?

I found that stangely the version of the heimdal libgssapi seems to have
changed from 4.0.0 to 1.0.0. Was this to give your libgssapi precedence?

> (In hindsight, perhaps we should have named our libgssapi
> differently.)

I don't know how many packages depend on libgssapi. But if they all were
using pkgconfig, it should be still possible to change the library name
and things would still compile, right?

To avoid runtime issues you could install symlinks. At least the
libgssapi.so symlink without version number could then be dropped by
packagers if they know they have no more packages depending on the old
library name.

Of course heimdal could change its library name as well, while providing
such compatibility symlinks. However, without pkgconfig and with many
more programs depending on it, this might become really ugly in reality.

I would really like to see this name collision resolved, one way or the
other. Now seems to be a good time to do so, with a new heimdal about to
be released on the one hand, and on the other hand not many apps other
than nfs-utils using the citi libgssapi yet from what I can tell.

> When Heimdal 0.8 is released, nfs-utils should work with it.  If not,
> I'll put more effort into making it work.

Looks like they were making some progress, creating a release candidate
every other day or so. Let's hope for the best there.

> K.C.

Greetings, and thanks again,
 Martin von Gagern

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