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Re: cannot change password

On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 11:03:40 -0300
"Gustavo Rios" <rios.gustavo@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear gentleman,
> i have just setted up my kerberos server. It is working ok except for
> the matter i cannot change any password. I am trying to do it from a
> local session (inside the kerberos server machine).
> Here is what i get from the shell prompt:
> $ passwd -K
> sioux@SSO.NET's Password:
> New password:
> Verifying password - New password:
> Reply from server: Bad request
> On the kpasswdd logs i see the following:
> 2007-03-12T14:01:10 krb5_rd_priv: Incorrect net address
> Does anybody have any ideia ?

You have a missmatch between the address in krb-reqeust and the address
in the IP-header. This happens as the machine uses lo0 whenever it
figures out that it is talking to itself and thus you get the machines
IP in the kerberos request and localhost in the IP-header.


        no-addresses = true

will work around this but it might be undesirable for other reasons.

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