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Re: A more robust krb5_get_host_realm?

Michael B Allen wrote:

> I don't need a perfect solution. It just needs to try a little harder. As
> it is it't just using gethostname and that's it. If gethostname doesn't
> return an FQDN it gives up.
> After looking at Linux's net-tools (package containing the hostname
> command) I came up with the following code that emulates the logic of
> hostname --fqdn but strips a trailing '.' if present.
> I'll stick it into krb5_get_host_realm and see how it works. If it
> doesn't blow up I'll post a patch.

gethostbyname(gethostname()) has been the standard way to do this since 
forever. If the current code isn't doing things that way, it's a bug.

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