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[patch] krb5_get_host_realm could try harder to get a default fqdn

Hi Love,

Attached is a patch to lib/krb5/get_host_realm.c that replaces the call
to gethostname in krb5_get_host_realm with a call to a new function
dns_get_default_fqdn that calls gethostname and then, if necessary,
gethostbyname. Basically it tries harder to find a default domain name.

My problem case is Debian Linux which, by default, sets the hostname
to a non-FQDN name. And querying gethostbyname returns a name with a
'.' at the end:

# hostname

# hostname --fqdn

Please consider this patch for inclusion in Heimdal.


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory Kerberos SSO