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Re: Changing signature algorithm

6 jun 2007 kl. 19.29 skrev Tom Hansen:

> Trunk? The latest snapshot on ftp is 8.1 rc3 but that doesn't have  
> peer-alg. It seems peer-alg can be used somewhere along  
> krb5_pk_create_sign or other func to set the signatureAlgo to a  
> desired value.

 From http://www.h5l.se/#vc

svn checkout svn://svn.h5l.se/heimdal/trunk/heimdal heimdal
cd heimdal
autoreconf -f -i

> On the other point, it sounds like the signature algorithm can be  
> kept as is but changing the oid to ...1.1.1 is really all that  
> packetcable is requiring. It seems like an odd requirement.

Yes, that is what the patch I commited does.