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Re: ksu

> Apologize for the short answer but I was in a hurry. There is no error
> message, ksu only prints "root's password:". Even it doesn't  
> contact the
> KDC.

You must be in root .k5login, and if you are su'ing to root it  
assumes you have username/root@REALM principal.

> Is it necessary to be in the group wheel? I saw it in the mail from
> David. I'm using Ubuntu and there is no group wheel. David is also  
> using
> login/root@REALM.COM. I have only login@REALM.COM principal, could  
> it be
> the problem?

Being member of group 0 (wheel, root) is required when using the unix  
root password.

> I've added my principal into /root/.k5login and set set uid bit on ksu
> binary. Is it all?

+ having user/root@REALM.