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0.9rc1 Comment #2

hxtool run against a prototype PIV card prints (in addition to lots  
of good stuff!):

> number of supported mechanisms: 12
>   sha1: digest
>   unknown-mech-592: digest
>   unknown-mech-608: digest
>   unknown-mech-624: digest
>   md5: digest
>   ripemd-160: digest
>   rsa-x-509: unwrap, verify, sign, decrypt, hw
>   rsa-pkcs: unwrap, verify, sign, decrypt, hw
>   sha1-rsa-pkcs: verify, sign
>   md5-rsa-pkcs: verify, sign
>   ripemd160-rsa-pkcs: verify, sign
>   rsa-pkcs-key-pair-gen: genereate-key-pair

I don't know if it's easy to track down what those digest mechanisms  
are, or even if I should care.

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