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Re: 0.9rc1 Comment #3

kadmin doesn't respect the -p option.

$ klist
Kerberos 5 ticket cache: 'API:Initial default ccache'
Default principal: hotz@JPL.NASA.GOV

Valid Starting     Expires            Service Principal
06/27/07 16:12:25  06/28/07 02:12:17  krbtgt/JPL.NASA.GOV@JPL.NASA.GOV
         renew until 07/04/07 11:12:13

klist: No Kerberos 4 tickets in credentials cache
$ /usr/local/heimdal/sbin/kadmin -p hotz/admin
kadmin> privs
list, get
kadmin> exit
$ kdestroy
$ /usr/local/heimdal/sbin/kadmin -p hotz/admin
kadmin> privs
hotz/admin@JPL.NASA.GOV's Password:
change-password, list, delete, modify, add, get
kadmin> exit

Above is 0.9rc1 client with a 0.7.2 kadmind.  I'm assuming this is a  
client issue.

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