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MD lists - many specialties

This is the package we have on the go for the week ending July 20th

Medical Doctors in the USA
more than 700,000 records - can be sorted by state or specialty
many different fields, lots of specialties .. $351

USA Hospital Listing
over 23K administrators on file
full data on high profile execs .. $296

USA Nursing Home Directory
more than 31K senior admins, 11 thousand nursing directors
in over 14,000 US nursing homes .. $199

USA Dentist and Dental Services Listing
Includes 597K total records .. $197

Order the Medical Doctor data and get the other 3 at no charge

For more details or to purchase send an email to : medcomm@hotmail.com or call 206-202-3021

by sending us an email with "exit" in the subject we will know not to contact you again