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Re: Apache: How to combine kerberos with ldap?

On 7/30/07, Florian Erfurth <floh-erfurth@arcor.de> wrote:
> Hi, I want to configure apache webserver so it tries to  
> authentificate with
> kerberos (AuthType Kerberos) first. If it fails, then it should do a
> LDAP-authentification (AuthType Basic).
> How can I do that? Is there any documentation about that?
> I'm using apache 2.0.59.
> cu Floh

My apologies, I didn't read the original post carefully enough.

I don't know if it actually works, but mod_authnz_ldap in Apache 2.2  
has the intent of supporting ldap authorization independent of the  
authentication step.  http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/ 

I know for certain that mod_webauthldap from Stanford is designed to  
work with mod_auth_kerb and do ldap authorization.  http:// 
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