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Re: Bug in kinit and afslog

On Aug 1, 2007, at 12:56 , Alf Wachsmann wrote:

> when I obtain an AFS token from my account (alfw; UID 5828) for an  
> account
> with a different Unix UID (vanilla; UID 1820), the resulting AFS  
> token has
> the wrong UID stored in it (my own instead of vanilla's) even  
> though the credential in that token belongs to the other account.

This is expected behavior.  OpenAFS's aklog does a round-trip with  
the AFS ptserver to find the correct PTS id; this isn't necessary to  
create a token, and heimdal avoids dependencies on AFS libraries  
(even to the extent of providing its own absolutely minimal AFS  
syscall wrapper), so it cheats and assumes the current uid is correct.

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