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MEMORY credential cache interop between Heimdal and MIT?


I have the Authen::Krb5 Perl module compiled against the Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 3 version of MIT's Kerberos 5 and Russ' remctl software
compiled against Heimdal-1.0.1.

In my Perl script, I am getting credentials in a MEMORY cache:

$ENV{KRB5CCNAME} = 'MEMORY:remctl_special';
my $cc     = Authen::Krb5::cc_resolve($ENV{KRB5CCNAME});
my $i = Authen::Krb5::get_in_tkt_with_password($client, $server, $passwd, $cc);

and then later call Russ' remctl with these credentials:

my $remctl = Net::Remctl->new;
$remctl->open("remctl_srv", $PORT, "remctl/remctl_srv.slac.stanford.edu")
         or die "Cannot open remctl connection: ", $remctl->error, "\n";

which fails with:

GSS-API error initializing context:  Miscellaneous failure (see text), No such file or directory

Everything works fine if I use a file as credential cache.
It also works fine when I recompile remctl with the RHEL3 native
MIT Kerberos 5.

Is there a way to make the MEMORY credential cache work in such a
mixed Heimdal/MIT setting?

Many thanks,

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