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Re: "No database support for /var/heimdal/heimdal" ?

>>> I can't find reference to this error anywhere, and I'm not sure
>>> exactly what it means.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
>> Hi Adam,
>> I'm not familiar with the error but do you have ndbm or berkley db
>> installed?
> You can find out what databases you support with "kdc --builtin-hdb"

Thanks for the reply.

Ah: It looks like that is the problem.  "kdc --builtin-hdb" doesn't  
list any databases.

I have berkeley db installed.  I did not have the Debian -dev package  
installed for it, but I didn't get a ./configure warning/error so I  
assumed that was ok.

I've installed that package and recompiled, and everything worked as  
expected.  I suppose that no compile-time warning was given because  
many of these tools can be used without a local database?