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Re: using kpasswd with ldap db (0.7.2)

Stefan Gohmann napsal(a):
>>> I don't know why there is a krb5EncryptionType multi-valued attribute:
>>> isn't the encryption type part of the key itself? Even if it's not, there
>>> is no way to map one krb5EncryptionType to one krb5Key in the same entry.
>> Any news on this? Is there a bugtracker for heimdal where I could input
>> this so it's not (easily) forgotten?
> I've got the same problem with heimdal 0.7.2 (the default debian etch 
> version). Is this behaviour solved in a newer version?

At least in 1.0.1 it is solved, krb5EncryptionType is not set anymore.

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