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Re: Changes in kdc.conf in from version 0.7.2 to version 1.0.1

On Thu, 20 Sep 2007, Dr A V Le Blanc wrote:
> I have a heimdal KDC running on a Debian box, using version 0.7.2.
> I'm interested in changing to 1.0.1 because of a number of problems
> that have been solved, but I see two difficulties when I experiment
> with the later version:
> [...]
> (with the AFS cell name in it, of course) but this doesn't
> seem to be acceptable to the new heimdal.  It objects to v5
> with the message
>      kadmin: bad value for default_keys `v5': encryption type pw-salt not supported

I am having the same problem with 1.0.1 (and actually some earlier
versions as well but I forget which ones) on Solaris 9 with OpenSSL 0.9.8e


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