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RE: Vista SP1 + Kerberos problem

Microsoft has analyzed the problem and can only provide a workaround for
this issue as the problem seems to be with Heimdal 0.7.2. Microsoft have
contacted lha@kth.se about this issue and I will establish contact with
whoever is hiding behind that alias as well. I will however keep you posted
on a permanent solution to the problem and in the meantime you can solve the
problem by adding the following to the registry (switch domain.kth.se to
your domain) on the clients:

\DOMAIN.KTH.SE and then add a REG_SZ_MULTI value and name it "SpnMappings"
and set the value to ".domain.kth.se". Restart the machine to be able to
access the network share works as expected!


Andreas Stenhall, KTH