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Re: ipropd-master 0.7.2 failure

14 nov 2007 kl. 02.34 skrev Henry B. Hotz:

> Assertion failed: tmp == *len, file log.c, line 748
> [1]    Abort                /usr/heimdal/libexec/ipropd-master -- 
> keytab=/var/heimdal/iprop.keytab (core dumped)
> --------
> If it turns out to be possible to get a traceback from the core  
> file I'll send it.  I suspect there is something funny about this  
> test machine since the disk partition was full and I just reset  
> things.

Think looks like one of the bugs I found before releasing 1.0, most  
of the iprop changes should be backportable to 0.7 fairly simple if  
you don't want to upgrade your KDC to 1.0.x.