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RE: FSH compliance.

Gabor Gombas wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 11:23:31AM +0200, Hai Zaar wrote:
> > LinuxFromScratch guys once maintained patch to add FHS compliance for
> > heimdal. I've ported it to 1.0.1.

I wrote that patch many years ago, but recently removed the
patch and simply use a sed to change all the hard-coded
/var/heimdal instances.

sed -i 's|/var/heimdal|/var/lib/heimdal|' $(grep -lr /var/heimdal *)

> The patch is wrong because it just hides the problem instead of fixing
> it. The bug is that the code does not honour the --localstatedir=...
> option of configure. The real fix would be to use the $localstatedir
> value from configure everywhere instead of a hard-coded
> value. That wayeveryone can decide if he wants FHS-compliance or not at
> configure time.

Yes, it was wrong. It was a hack so that our instructions
installed files into FHS locations. I had no intention of
ever submitting this upstream. I am glad, however, that
there is interest in a native FHS-compliant installation.

> Oh, and the patch has another bug: it tries to modify generated files,
> not just their source. That's a big no-no.

Understood, but I modified the generated files on purpose,
knowing that the hack would never be sent upstream, and
readers of our book could simply install the patch, and
continue with configure, make, make install.

Fixing so that hard-coded /var/heimdal can be replaced
with localstatedir and dbdir sounds like a great idea.


On another note (I can create a new thread if necessary):

For years I've been having to make special accommodations
because Heimdal overwrites libraries/headers from the
E2fsprogs package. Note that e2fsprogs installs these files
and then Heimdal will overwrite them:


The installation prefix we use for both packages is /usr
(with e2fsprogs we also pass  --with-root-prefix="").

I'm simply not aware if anyone on the Heimdal dev team
knows this. I can provide additional information if
necessary, but it would be nice if Heimdal didn't
overwrite these files (note that I've not used nor tested
the version 1.x series of Heimdal, and this issue may not
still be there).