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Re: FSH compliance.

>>>>> "Randy" == Randy McMurchy <randy@linuxfromscratch.org> writes:

    Randy> On another note (I can create a new thread if necessary):

    Randy> For years I've been having to make special accommodations
    Randy> because Heimdal overwrites libraries/headers from the
    Randy> E2fsprogs package. Note that e2fsprogs installs these files
    Randy> and then Heimdal will overwrite them:

    Randy> /usr/include/ss/ss.h /usr/lib/libss.a
    Randy> /usr/lib/libss.so.e2fsprogs

    Randy> The installation prefix we use for both packages is /usr
    Randy> (with e2fsprogs we also pass --with-root-prefix="").

    Randy> I'm simply not aware if anyone on the Heimdal dev team
    Randy> knows this. I can provide additional information if
    Randy> necessary, but it would be nice if Heimdal didn't overwrite
    Randy> these files (note that I've not used nor tested the version
    Randy> 1.x series of Heimdal, and this issue may not still be
    Randy> there).

This isn't a problem with the Debian versions of Heimdal and

The e2fsprogs libraries have been modified so that Heimdal will work
with them (by cooperation of the e2fsprogs Debian maintainer), and
Heimdal has been modified to use them.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>