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RE: FSH compliance.

--On torsdag, torsdag 6 dec 2007 07.37.53 -0600 Randy McMurchy
<randy@linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:

> M?ns Nilsson wrote:
>> If you install things with --prefix=/usr it will mess with your system.
>> You are, in fact, asking for it.
> Huh? This is the craziest thing I've ever heard. In fact,
> Heimdal (and MIT Kerberos with the comm_err library) is one
> of the *few* packages I've ever run across that install a
> library overwriting another.
> This is *very* rare.

Building from scratch and installing Heimdal in /usr of course gives 
/usr/bin/telnet from Heimdal.  That is "messing with the system" in any
other situation than yours. There usually is another telnet. One might want
to replace it, but it still is useful for corner cases. 

I might have overseen your situation when replying. 

The library issue is a problem, yes. That we do not have more than present,
low, frequency of these collisions is plain luck. One path per package
provides good isolation while being cumbersome. 

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