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RE: FSH compliance.

Måns Nilsson wrote:

> If you install things with --prefix=/usr it will mess with your system. You
> are, in fact, asking for it.

Huh? This is the craziest thing I've ever heard. In fact,
Heimdal (and MIT Kerberos with the comm_err library) is one
of the *few* packages I've ever run across that install a
library overwriting another.

This is *very* rare.

> If you really want /usr/bin, do this:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr --includedir=/usr/include/heimdal \
> 	--libdir=/usr/lib/heimdal
> 	--oldincludedir=/usr/lib/heimdal && make && sudo make install
> heimdal-config will then help you when you configure and compile software
> that needs heimdal.

I would never do that, but thanks for the suggestion. I'm not
sure how well that would go over with our book installing almost
500 packages into /usr, and then put Heimdal in /somewhere/else.

Seems the different software developers would simply get on
the same page and not have conflicting libraries. We take
care of the issue just fine (the problem was identified years
ago, and we elect to do a workaround instead of the type of
hack you suggest).