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Re: [PATCH] FHS done right

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 04:46:10PM -0800, Love Hörnquist Ĺstrand wrote:

> I think I can handle the code stuff myself, but I just read though the
> FHS with regard to /var/run and I can't figure out whats wrong with
> Heimdal usage of /var/run.

IMHO nothing is wrong with /var/run; the problematic directory is
/var/heimdal: it should be /var/_lib_/heimdal according to the FHS.

Making /var/run also configurable (say, to allow using a subdirectory
under /var/run) may help if someone wants to run Heimdal services as a
non-root user or just wants to have /var/run more organized, but it is
not essential.


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